Monthly Archives: May 2011

Enjoy the summer with your pets!

Summer months are designed to be spent outside.  Therefore, get out this summer and enjoy the sun; but don’t forget about your pet’s health!  The warm hot sun can lead to dehydration and heat strokes for yourself and your pets.  As you would care for yourself do the same for your pet!  Frequent water refills of fresh cold water is essential for your pets.  Additionally, whenever possible damp them down with a cold wet towel or give them a cool soak in the tub.  Finally, keep an eye on your pet while spending the day outside; never leave them out in the sun for too long!  But remember to enjoy the sun and enjoy spending the time outdoors with your pets!

Entertaining your Furry Friends!

This summer is the perfect time of year to keep fit and be active.  Involving your pets in this is a great and effective to entertaining your pets.  With the warm weather it is fun and easy to take your pet for a walk, swimming, or just to play at the park.  However, there are other ways of giving your pet the much needed mental/physical stimulation.  Try to engage in structured games like fetch and tug-of-war which teach your pet impulse control and strengthen the bond between you.  While you are out for the day this summer keep your dog occupied by giving him a food-stuffed puzzle toy like the Kong, or some tasty chew toys.  For cats keep them fit by rousing play sessions such as chase and fetch with their favorite toys, and teach them new tricks to keep their mind active.  Don’t let this summer go by without taking advantage of the warm weather and great opportunities to bond with your pets!

Beating Fleas and Ticks this Summer!

As the warm summer months are almost here you must keep an eye out for flea and tick symptoms in your pet.  Although the problem of fleas and ticks is controllable some ticks can carry diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease while fleas can carry tapeworm.  Therefore, vigilant watching and care for your pets is even more important this summer.  Some top medications to fight against this problem are Frontline Plus and Advantage.  We want everyone to enjoy the summer months, especially our furry friends!