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Taking your Pet on a Road Trip!

Going on a road trip this summer with the family?  Don’t leave your pet at home thinking it will be a hassle to take him/her!  Enjoying vacation fun with the family should not be a time where your pets are left out.  However, you must plan ahead to ensure your trip runs smoothly and your pet is taken care of!  Here is a list of essentials you must make sure you don’t leave home:

  • Medical and vaccine records, in the event an emergency trip to the vet is needed
  • Pet tags with your cell phone number in case he gets lost
  • Favorite toys that will help your dog feel at home
  • Your dog’s meds, if applicable
  • Food, bowl, and scooper
  • Leash  should always be worn out of the car
  • Doggie harness or travel seat

Overall, your pet can add that extra bit of fun to your family vacation.  Just ensure you are properly organized for the trip and always remember to have fun!!


Puppy Dog Eyes

Our four-legged friend’s eyes are very important and require very little but important care.  Dogs can easily get large amount of hair growing around their hair which can turn into mats or knots.  Therefore, it is essential for owners to properly groom/take care of their eyes to avoid infections.  Here are some quick tips on how to care for a pup’s eyes:

  • Trim all the hair of the fur that grows around the eyes. This would keep hair from falling on the eyes of the dog and would lessen the eye irritation to a great degree. To trim the hair you are advised to use blunt tipped scissors to avoid injury. Falling of the hair inside the eyes actually allows the entry of bacteria and cause infection inside the eye.

  • Always make sure that the corners of your dog are mucous free. This will help you to prevent the growth of infections inside the eyes. It is the mucous of the eye on which the bacteria feed on itself. Sterile veterinary eye wash can be done by using medicines like Clear Eyes for Dogs or Cats to get rid of the bacterial invasion.
  • Before spraying insecticides or taking your doggy to take bath, you are advised to use an ophthalmic ointment to protect the eyes of your pet.
  • Wash the tear stains as they are common places of the growth of bacteria, another great product for this is Angel’s Eyes

Horse Shampoo Care Tips!

For all you horse lovers out there here are some great tips on getting the best shampooing experience!

  • Analyze the problems that your horse mostly suffers from – like dandruff, fungus or any skin problem and accordingly select the shampoo as a treatment.
  • Get in touch with different manufactures of horse shampoo and ask if they provide with free samples. This is a good way to check which shampoo suits your horse the most.
  • Read all the ingredients available in the shampoo since many horses have sensitive skin. Alcohol and other artificial ingredients can irritate the skin of your horse. Market is full of natural products that contain herbs and aloe which is the excellent choice for thin-skinned horses. A few natural shampoos for horses that are extremely accepted and effective are: lotus care shampoo, chestnut shampoo, quistel organic shampoo, gold label shampoo, dirty beastie shampoo, rosewater shampoo
  • Test the shampoo on a small area of the horse’s body in case you are worried about the reaction from the shampoo.
  • Avoid using human shampoo on horse as that may dry up or prove to be hazardous for your horse’s skin.
  • Use a shampoo which can act both as a cleaning agent as well as a conditioner for your horse. This will help in reducing the cost as you won’t need to spend on a conditioner.
  • If your horse skin is dry then start skipping its bath and shampoo for two to three days to replenish its natural oil skin.
  • Be sure to rinse shampoo thoroughly from the horse skin as it can be allergic if left for long hours.

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