Does your Dog Need to go on a Diet?

Sometimes our very own pets need to go on diets too.  We all know how hard it is for ourselves to stay committed to a diet, but it can sometimes be harder for our pets too!  When we go on a diet we are aware of the reasons why, time length, the benefits, the type of diet etc.  However, our pets do not understand all of these things.  Therefore, it is our job as owners to make the experience as pain free as possible. A dog accustomed to any specific diet that satisfies it and keeps it healthy will generally have a difficult time becoming accustomed to any other diet. In making a change, the point to remember is that once you have decided on a sound diet, every member of the household must cooperate to see that nothing is fed to upset the schedule you have adopted.  Here are some great tips on how to accustom your dog to a diet:

  • If you are up to changing the diet of your dog by replacing a new food item in place of an older one you may try out the following way: Try to serve a food which contains 75% of the old food mixed with 25 % of the new food. After three days gradually increase the amount of the new food item and decrease the amount of old food. Ultimately offer your dog 100% of the new food item. Your dog might be reluctant to eat the food but you must not worry as a healthy dog will have to health damage if it happens to skip two or three meals.
  • When you bring in a new packet of food for your dog try to encourage your dog to eat the new food with a soft and calm voice. Try to pat your pet gently while eating and show lot of affection when he ends up eating the food.
  • If your dog refuses to eat the new food do not give up so easily. For two or three days do not allow your dog to eat anything apart from the new food item. Do not even allow your dog to lick the table scarps or any small treats. Submitting to its will would only boost its refusal drive which is ultimately not beneficial for you while taming the canine.