Halloween, a Scary Time for your Pet

While the family is enjoying the fun of Halloween, it can be a frightening time for your pet. Please keep in mind these two things during your Halloween festivities!

The Scary Trick–or-Treat Bag
The trick-or-treat bag is scary for dogs, because it will likely contain treats that, if indiscriminately eaten by your dog, will result in a frightful trip to the animal ER, putting a definite damper on your Halloween fun. Chocolate contains a substance similar to caffeine and can make your dog very sick. Little boxes of raisins have also found their way into trick-or-treat bags. While raisins make a great snack for kids, they can damage the kidneys of your dog.  Some trick-or-treat bags contain a double whammy – chocolate covered raisins! And, don’t forget to monitor the mints and gum in the trick-or-treat bag as well. Xylitol is often used as a sugar substitute to protect the teeth of young children, but xylitol is toxic for dogs (and ferrets, too). Keep the treats away from your dog and your dog away from the animal ER.

The Great Escape
With all the commotion at the front door, your dog and cat will also want to be part of the Halloween action. Halloween is not a participation event for the family dog and cat. Escaping between the legs of excited trick-or-treaters is all too easy and dangerous. Play it safe on Halloween. Give your pets a new toy and put them safely in the bedroom, the basement or their crate. Be sure they are wearing their ID collars and double check the microchip registry to be sure your address is up to date, just in case they do slip outside.

So there you have it. It’s not Halloween that is scary to pets; what’s scary to pets are everyday things like chocolate and getting lost without a collar or microchip.