How To Make Your Dog Happy

How To Make Your Pet Happy

When it comes to your furry loved one we want to make sure we do everything possible to make sure that your dog stays happy. However, it might be hard to know exactly what makes your dog happy because you are unable to have verbal communicate with them.

But you do not need to worry about what you can do as a pet owner to make your dog happy. This is because we put together a list of possible things you can do to make sure that your dog is always wagging his or her tail!

Go for a Walk

Dogs love the fresh air and enjoy going for walks outdoors. Not only will this activity make them happy, but it will also allow them to get some physical activity which is so important for their health. It also allows you to spend time and bond with your dog which is a bonus on top.

Treat Your Dog for Ticks, Fleas & Heartworms

Ticks, fleas and heartworms can be annoying and can cause discomfort for your dog. So the best way to overcome and prevent this issue is by giving them pet meds or by visiting your vet. Not only will this make them happy but it will make sure that your dog lives a long healthy life.

Keep the Water Fresh

Dogs easily get thirsty which is why by keeping fresh water bowl will make sure that your dog’s tail will keeping on wagging. Not only will it help them with their thirst but will allow them to stay hydrated. This is extremely important during those hot and dry summer days as you want your dog to avoid dehydration.

Plan Play Time

It can be easy to forget to spend time with your pet because of your busy schedule. This is why it is important to schedule play time. This will give you the opportunity to spend some time and bond with your pet. Something that all dogs love . . . ATTENTION!

Stay Cool

Dogs tend to get overheated a lot faster compared to us humans. This is why during the summers it is important to do things with your dog that will keep them cool. For example, going for swims and going for early morning walks.


Treats are a perfect way to keep your dog happy. Once in a while if your dog has done something good or even performed that trick that you have been teaching them; treating them with a treat will make them happy.

There are many healthy treats that you can choose from and you can even find homemade recipes that you can make yourself.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are perfect to help with your dog’s boredom. It allows them to have something to do when you are busy. Not only will it make your dog happy but, it will make you happy too because it will stop the biting and barking.

Good Diet

Having your dog on a good healthy diet is the one thing that will differently make your dog happy for a very long time. This is because it will allow your dog to live a healthy long life. And reduces the chances of becoming obese and experience other health related issues.


Grooming is something that will help your dog stay comfortable, which means that they will stay happy. For instance, if you do not get their nails cut it can cause discomfort. In addition, if you keep their ears clean you help them stay away from infections which can be extremely painful.

Dog Proof Your Home

By dog proofing your home you are creating a safe environment. Putting those cable wires away which can be a choking hazard. Also keeping the chocolates out of reach as this can be deathly for your dog.